Air Taxi / Air Charter service:

Chinta Air is a licenced, insured, air charter operator, that offers:

  • Carry passengers or freight, any time, anywhere in Australia.
  • Aerial photography – both still and motion photography, and for media operations.
  • Carry out aerial spotting – for fire, fauna, flood, marine / fish, or flora.
  • Carry out aerial surveying – whether of property surveys or environmental studies.
  • Conduct search and rescue and / or surveillance operations.

The advantages of air charter include:

  • Reduced travel time – for example a 90 minute flight rather than a four hour road trip.
  • Departures according to your request, AND reduced waiting time at airports – generally there is only 20 minutes between your arrival at the airport, and the departure of your flight.
  • The ability to visit a number of localities in one day, and to visit destinations that are simply not serviced by major / regional airlines.
  • Less time traveling means less staff fatigue, which in turn allows your staff to focus on their area of expertise, and allows us to focus on our area of expertise – air charter.
  • The possibility of reducing the need for overnight accommodation and the related expenses.

Chinta Air have bases located at Adelaide, Ceduna, Rawnsley Park Station in the Flinders Ranges, (during the winter months) at Nullarbor Roadhouse, and (during the summer months) on Kangaroo Island (Kingscote). However, Chinta Air is licenced to fly anywhere in Australia, and up to 200 nautical miles offshore, so please do not hesitate to ask for details.

If you wish to combine flights with Outback experiences to make an unforgettable air safari in Australia’s Outback, please visit Chinta Tours or contact us HERE.