Heavy rains over Lake Eyre catchment

13 March 2016

Heavy rain has fallen over Lake Eyre and the catchment area in the past week.

In the catchment area, the Diamantina and Georgina Rivers, and Eyre Creek are in minor flood. Goyder’s Lagoon is filling, and the Warburton is flowing. Birds are returning to the creeks and rivers that flow into the Lake, with pelicans now seen on the Warburton River. In Lake Eyre, the water level in Belt Bay (the lowest point in Australia) is rising, and there is shallow water over most of Lake Eyre North.

If you are planning on driving Outback this Easter, please check road conditions before heading out, as both the Birdsville and the Strzlecki Tracks are currently closed.


Alternatively, consider flying, and view the fabulous scenery from above….

This was sunrise on Thurs, 10 March, 2016 showing the Diamantina River and the Birdsville Racecouse after 58mm fell in Birdsville on Wed, 9 March.