How to select a Scenic Flight

21 February 2017

Researching and planning a holiday is half the fun – and there are so many options and activities to consider. A scenic flight allows you to get an overview of the scenery in the area, but there may be more than one option for scenic flights. The photographs are all inspiring – how do you choose a scenic flight that will suit you?

You may care to ask a few questions before booking:

Is the aircraft a high wing or a low wing aircraft?
Small planes come with two options – a high wing aircraft, where the wings are located above the passenger cabin, and a low wing aircraft, where the wings are located below the passenger cabin. With a high wing aircraft, any passenger in a window seat will have a clear view of the passing scenery. In a low wing aircraft, the wing will obscure some of the scenery.

Will I have a window seat?
Even small aircraft can have a seating configuration where passengers are seated three abreast. The best views will be obtained from a window seat, while the middle seat may provide limited viewing of the scenery.

Will I get a headset?
A headset, worn during the flight, serves two purposes. It protects your hearing from the noise of the engine. It also allows you to hear the pilot’s commentary on the area, while he / she points out highlights of the surrounding scenery. Unless the pilot is busy (during take off and landing, for example) you may be able to ask questions on points of interest.

The location I am visiting offers a choice between aircraft or helicopters – which is better?
The choice between the two is a personal preference. Both types of aircraft must follow the same aviation safety regulations, including the height they can fly above the ground. Aircraft can fly faster, which allows you to see more scenery in the allocated time. Helicopters have the ability to land in most places, which makes them ideal if you want an experience such as a picnic at a remote location that doesn’t have an airstrip nearby.

Safe travels!