About Chinta Air

Chinta Air have bases located at Ceduna, Rawnsley Park Station in the Flinders Ranges, and (during the winter months) at Nullarbor Roadhouse. In addition, Chinta Air is licenced to fly anywhere in Australia, and up to 200 nautical miles offshore, so please do not hesitate to ask for details.

Scenic Flights

Wilpena Pound scenic flights

Lake Eyre Scenic Flights

Lake Eyre is Australia’s largest salt lake, and lies in the remote NE of South Australia. The best way to experience the true majesty of Lake Eyre / Kati Thanda National Park is from the air.

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From Adelaide

Chinta Air Tours offers a range of air charter flights, an air taxi service and extended air tours. Destinations include: The wildlife of Kangaroo Island. The seafood of the Lower Eyre Peninsula and Port Lincoln. The Flinders Ranges, with scenery that has inspired painters and poets for generations. Coober Pedy, the Opal Capital of the World. Uluru and Kata Tjuta – the Red Centre.

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Nullarbor Roadhouse

Nullarbor Roadhouse is the starting point for scenic flights along the Bunda Cliffs from the Head of Bight to Eucla. If you wish to explore inland, the Mysteries of Maralinga make a fascinating flight touring option. From mid-May to early October, Southern Right Whales gather in the Great Australian Bight Marine Park to give birth, to socialise, and to breed.

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Rawnsley Park / Flinders Ranges

Wilpena Pound is the iconic heart of South Australia's Flinders Ranges. The Flinders Ranges are famous for dramatic scenery, ancient mountain ranges, rich Aboriginal heritage, and abundant native wildlife. Rawnsley Park Station is located in the heart of the Flinders Ranges, on the South side of the iconic Wilpena Pound. Naturally, we recommend a Wilpena Pound scenic flight - which will include the central Flinders Ranges - as the best way to experience the true majesty of the region.

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Ceduna is a town of 2100 people, located 770 kilometres West of Adelaide on Highway One. Scenic highlights include pristine beaches and coastal waterways, while to the North lies the sand dunes and scrub lands of Yellabinna Regional Reserve.

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Air Taxi / Air Charter

Chinta Air offers an Air Charter service.  This operates like an Uber of the Air – you tell us where and when you wish to travel, and we take you there.  All flights operate as private charter flights, with departures on demand, to the destination of your choice.  Please contact us for a quote.

Latest News

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What is the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary? In the Dreamtime, a great snake named Arkaroo lived in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges, in the area now known as the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary. Arkaroo was known for his huge thirst. One particularly bad day, he drank all the water in South Australia’s Lake Frome – a 2600 square Read more...

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Kati Thanda / Lake Eyre – what is it, where is it, why do I need to visit? What is Kati Thanda / Lake Eyre? Kati Thanda / Lake Eyre is Australia’s largest salt lake. It consists of two lakes, rather imaginatively named Lake Eyre North, and Lake Eyre South. Lake Eyre North is the Read more...

Why a Wilpena Pound scenic flight is a good idea)

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