2018 Lake Eyre / Kati Thanda

2 May 2018

UPDATE: The water from the Warburton has reached Lake Eyre / Kati Thanda TODAY (May 15, 2018). BOOK NOW!!

Heavy rain fell in Western Queensland in late February / early March, 2018. The region is the heart of the catchment area for Kati Thanda / Lake Eyre (the catchment area is one-sixth of Australia).

That water is now heading South – past Birdsville, and is now slowly filling Goyder’s Lagoon, which lies halfway between Birdsville and Lake Eyre.

NOW is the perfect time to take a two day flight from Rawnsley Park Station (on the South side of Wilpena Pound in the heart of the Flinders Ranges). This two day experience will include the water in the Cooper Creek and the Warburton, with visits to both Innamincka and Birdsville. This tour highlights the rivers and waterways that feed in to Kati Thanda / Lake Eyre, as well as the birdlife of the Coongie Lakes.

If you wish to experience a one day tour from Rawnsley Park Station with the best chance of seeing water in Lake Eyre, we recommend later in May or early June. Remember, Lake Eyre is magnificent, with or without water.

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